Sur-Ron Dragonfly

Sur-Ron Dragonfly
Sur-Ron Dragonfly Sur-Ron Dragonfly Sur-Ron Dragonfly Sur-Ron Dragonfly Sur-Ron Dragonfly Sur-Ron Dragonfly Sur-Ron Dragonfly Sur-Ron Dragonfly Sur-Ron Dragonfly Sur-Ron Dragonfly Sur-Ron Dragonfly Sur-Ron Dragonfly
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Rezultat al noii generații de designeri și întreprinzători din China, acest e-bike va fi cu siguranță un produs fierbinte pe piața de mobilitate urbană în sezonul 2018. Suntem în legatură cu fabrica, procesul de omologare EU este în curs de finalizare. Până se va stabiliza o viitoare rețea de distribuție în Europa, se vor putea aduce exemplare la prețuri cu adevarat promoționale. Pretul este cu factura/tva. tel. 0742-669918 >>> Offroad Video <<<

The 3KW engine is from Golden Motors. The controller is own design, developed to work with voltages from 48V to 70VBattery is made by High Star Knap Tech using Panasonic 18650 cells, max 100Ah discharge. The 48V25Ah version (14S10P) is with 5Ah charger, the 60V32Ah version (176 cells) comes with 10Ah charger. Can choose between RST or Fastace front fork, brakes are supplied by LBN. Shipping size 1650mm X 850mm X 310mm, gross weight 55kg, volume weight 87KG. This Electric Dirt bike is made flawlessly. The quality is awesome, the parts used are high quality and the company behind it is very serious China Design and Engineering company. They pride themselves with their design capabilities and they are making efforts to supervise and make products that are actually designed from bottom up. No copy, no shitty parts. Pure R&D.

Dimension & Weight, Length:1870mm, Width:780mm,Height:1040mm, Min.Ground clearance:270mm, Wheelbase:1260mm. Vehicle weight:50kg, Weight distribution of Fr. Wheel axle:24kg, Weight distribution of Rr. Wheel axle:26kg, Max. load capability:100kg. Forward inclining angle:26°, Steering angle:46°, Fr.Absorbers stroke:200mm, Rr.Absorber / Wheel stroke:87/210mm. Max.motor rotation speed:4500r/min, Air-cooled, Climbing ability:35°, Range:100km @ 20km/h, Max. torque:200Nm. Gearshift type and transmission ratio:1:7.6, Transmission type:Belt + Chain, Belt brand and model:HTD 8M. Aluminum alloy double cradles design, Fr.Absorber:Double-tube telescopic shock, Rear: Multi-link central shock absorber. Tire-Fr.:70/100-19, Rr.: 70/100-19, Wheel- Fr:19x1.4, Rr:19x1.4, Fr.&Rr brake type:Bilateral 4-piston hydraulic disc brake. Controller Type: 48/60V self-adaptable, ECU type:GPS Data connection, Horn:European standard horn. Charger type: Constant current & voltage 58.8V-5A , Battery specs: 51.8V25AH or 60V32Ah. Headlight type : German standard bicycle headlight, Brake lamp/tail lamp typeGerman standard bicycle tail lamp. USB Power source: USB-2.1A single socket, single socket: IBN negative display dashboard. Optional:Pedal installed will become an e-BIKE. Multistage coaxial transmission system makes the chain work best!

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