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Cod produs: Panou Solar Semiflexibil EFTE 180W
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Panou Solar Semiflexibil mono EFTE 180W pentru rulote, yachturi, cargo bikes.
Dimensiuni 1150mm*840mm*2mm (sau 1410*670*2), greutate doar 3.5kg. 

It is well known that PET has a low thermal resistance in the short term and is
therefore not recommended for use in very hot environments. In addition, PET
cannot withstand chemical attack caused by various acids and basic compounds
dissolved in water. After a long time, this will cause the plastic layer to turn yellow
and then delaminate or rupture. ETFE is a fluoropolymer or a polymer containing
a fluorine atom. The molecules that make up the polymer are chemically very stable.
TFT can withstand high levels of thermal stress and chemical attack, far beyond
what PET can do. Another essential feature of ETFE is that it is an excellent
polymer for this application. Its total UV permeability: a large number of tests
on outdated samples show a permeability of 95% with a direct light percentage
of 88% and an irradiance ranging from 400 to 600 nm of the visible light spectrum.
ETFE is not only a durable and “ultraviolet-friendly” material but also “smart.”
Due to its molecular chemistry, ETFE is a self-cleaning material. Another sign
of ETFE Intelligence is the environmental sustainability of the polymer. In fact,
it is 100% recyclable. Even its production process respects the environment
because it does not require the use of chemical solvents or petroleum products.
It strictly respects the “Montreal Treaty” and therefore it is not part of the material
group that destroys the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Unlike polymers such as
PET or TPT, ETFE is also recommended for particularly hot and dry environments
and climates because of its low flame retardancy with high flame retardancy.

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